Saturday, December 05, 2009

Why don't the LGO resign as well?

The chairman of the health and social care regulator, which was branded "toothless" after a report in to hospital standards, is to resign.

Baroness Young will leave her position with the Care and Quality Commission (CQC) in February of next year. Full story here.

Local Government Ombudsmen are well known "toothless tigers" so why don't they resign as well?
In addition to being "toothless" watchdogs, Ofsted, LGO, CQC and others all meekly accept everything the authority they are supposed to be monitoring tells them. Without any prudent validation of what they are being told. Until of course a Baby P or Basildon hits the press then they all start protecting their backsides and running for cover. Just look at what happened in Ofsted after Haringey and Baby P and what is happening in CGC after Basildon NHS.
The Government needs to sack the lot of them and start again with fully accountable watchdogs who don't pervert their mandate so they can protect the authorities instead of the victims of authority wrongdoing.
If public authority watchdogs protected the victims rather than the authority it is very likely that the horrific tragedies at Haringey and Basildon could have been avoided.

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