Monday, January 04, 2010

Certified Offences to the High Court (Update 1)

Further to my earlier post on the subject and the LGO's initial attempt at delay because of further unjustified delays I decided to submit a complaint to the Information Commissioner on the 18th December. As of today it has been 53 working days since I asked for an internal review of their refusal to give me the information.

[Internal reviews should be quick. If one takes longer than 20 working days then the authority should write and let you know, and it should never take longer than 40 working days (see this good practice guide).]

In this case the LGO didn't even acknowledge my request for an internal review until the 1st December 2009 and that was only after I sent a reminder. This was already 32 working days after I submitted my request for an internal review. Since then another 21 working days have passed and still no response.

Why? The same reason they didn't want to respond to my FOI requests about Section 32 notices and about council officers lying. The answer will embarrass them and prove (again) they are not the impartial organisation they state they are on their website.

As far as I am concerned if they have never formally reported an individual council officer for lying or fabricating evidence they are hardly likely to have certified that a council officer would not cooperate with them as an offence to the High Court .

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