Sunday, January 17, 2010

More evidence against the LGO

Further to my earlier posts regarding Certified Offences to the High Court.

After a long and unwarranted delay by the LGO, including a devious attempt to derail my FOI request, I finally secured a proper response to my FOI request with the help of the ICO. [Case Reference Number FS50285678]

"I can advise you that over the past five years there has been no occasion when it has been necessary for an LGO to obtain a direction from the High Court for a council or council officer to provide information requested by the LGO in connection with an investigation."

Add this to the other information that I previously secured using the FOI Act and a more accurate picture of the 'so called impartial' LGO emerges. Over the last five years some 80,000 complaints will have been submitted to them yet they have never

1) formally reported a council officer for lying.
2) found a council guilty of maladministration because one of their officers has misused section 32(3) of the 1974 Local Government Act to stop a complainant having access to evidence.
3) asked the secretary of state to lift a section 32(3) notice that was wrongly used.
4) certified a council officer as guilty of an offence to the High Court.

80,000 complaints over five years, many of them including allegations of a council officer lying, manipulating evidence and misusing section 32(3) notices, yet not one has led the 'impartial LGO' to do any of the above!

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