Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fact: Council officers can and do lie with impunity to Local Government Ombudsmen

A recent article by Neil Herron has highlighted an important difference between Local Government Ombudsmen and a Tribunal.

In the case reported the complainant concerned managed to obtain documentary evidence from the tribunal that proved a council officer had falsified a map to support their case against him. As a result of this falsified map the tribunal found against the complainant. However, once the complainant had the evidence they went to the Police and they are now investigating the incident.

Now contrast this with what happens with the Local Government Ombudsmen. It is a well known fact that the LGO base their decision on evidence given to them by council officers whilst at the same time refusing to allow the complainant to see, let alone validate or contradict, the evidence. However the main injustice arises when the complainant requests a copy of the council's defence to their complaint, unlike the tribunal above which provided copies of the council's defence to the complainant, which allowed the Police action, Local Government Ombudsmen refuse to give the complainant the documents they need to prove council officers lied to them.

This is a national disgrace and the LGO should be ashamed of themselves for accepting fabricated and doctored evidence from council officers in the first place but not allowing the complainant the chance to view the evidence, independently validate it and take action should they find it had been 'doctored'. is indefensible.

This is exactly what happened with the Balchins original complaint some 20 years ago, it is exactly what happened to me between 1997 and 2008 and it is still going on today. Local Government Ombudsmen accept the word of a council officer, find against the complainant and close down the investigation without giving the complainant the chance to see, validate or contradict the evidence supplied by the council.

The fact that a council officer may have lied, falsified documents and or other evidence never comes to light because Local Government Ombudsmen ensure it doesn't. Neither do they report the fact to the Police.

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  1. how can i prove council dnt commuate wiv collsges