Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Complaints about Lancaster City Council

I would like anyone who has recently submitted, or is going to submit, a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman about Lancaster City Council to contact me.

The reason being that the Commission for Local Administration (The Local Government Ombudsman) has recently decided to allow an ex employee of Lancaster City Council to determine complaints made against the Council even though a Freedom of Information request proves that 37% of the staff and 43% of the members who the Ombudsman worked with are still working at the council.

Under normal circumstances an ex employee returning in a more senior position wouldn't cause any concern. However we are not talking about a normal working relationship here we are talking about JUSTICE.

JUSTICE is the concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, fairness, or equity.  Can anyone in their right mind consider it morally right, fair or rational that an ex colleague and possibly friend of the person you are complaining about will determine your complaint.

If you live in the Lancaster area and like me you are outraged at the decision of the Commission for Local Administration to allow an ex employee of Lancaster City Council to determine your complaint please  get in touch.

It may take some time but I am determined to expose this stupid decision to the public scrutiny it deserves and your case study may help.

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