Thursday, April 01, 2010

Open Letter to the Chair of the Commision for Local Administration in England

Letter sent to Mr Redmond on the 1st April 2010

REF: OPEN LETTER, transfer of Lancaster City Council from Coventry to the York office.

Dear Mr Redmond

I wish to make a formal complaint regarding the Commission's decision to allow Anne Seex to determine complaints against Lancaster City Council.

I understand the 10 year rule no longer applies but can't understand how anyone, under any circumstance, would find it acceptable that Anne Seex, as a Local Government Ombudsman, is given the authority to determine complaints against Lancaster City Council.

Particularly since some 37% of staff and 43% of members who worked with Anne Seex still work in the authority concerned. In addition, Pat Thomas, the Local Government Ombudsman she took over from in 2005, still lives and works in the Lancaster area.

I am a Lancastrian, with many family and friends still living in the Lancaster area. Therefore, I'm very concerned that Anne Seex will be responsible for determining complaints against her ex colleagues and friends. The very people who may be responsible for the maladministration being complained about.

This cannot be fair under any circumstances and I cannot understand how the Commission members could even begin to think this is acceptable.

Until this ludicrous decision is reversed, should anyone in the Lancaster area feel their complaint was potentially compromised, I will make it my business to pursue the matter further.

Your sincerely, Trevor Nunn

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