Saturday, April 17, 2010

York Local Government Ombudsman's office incompetence exposed again.

The Case of Mr and Mrs Wain verses Stoke-on-Trent City Council exposes the incompetence of the York Based Local Government Ombudsman once again.

The LGO did not find Stoke-on Trent Council guilty of maladministration because she asserted that the Government Office West Midland was at fault. However, the Parliamentary Ombudsman Investigated the Government Office West Midland and totally refuted the claim put forward by The Local Government Ombudsman.

Unfortunately by the time the Parliamentary  Ombudsman reported back it was too late for Mr & Mrs Wain to seek a Judicial Review of the York Local Government Ombudsman's perverse findings.

One would have thought that when she realised that her office had ruined Mr & Mrs Wain's chances of receiving any compensation for the injustice caused through the maladministration of Stoke-on-Trent City Council she would have wanted to do something about it. Not so, as anyone who knows anything about Local Government Ombudsmen will tell you they never like to admit they are wrong and will do everything in their power to hide their mistakes.

This case has strong parallels to the Balchins which also involved the Local Government Ombudsman and the Parliamentary Ombudsman but unfortunately for the Wains there is no way the Local Government Ombudsman could hide their mistakes in their case as they did with the Balchins because it had been published in a report for all to see. In the Balchins case they hid their mistake by not including it in the report.

Read Mr & Mrs Malcolm Wain's comprehensive case study here and you will understand why I think Local Government Ombudsmen are a complete waste of time and can't wait until they are replaced with a fair and just system of administrative justice..

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