Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happenstance, brain washing or common gene pool? Update 1: The cost.

Further to my earler post on the subject what is even more worrying is the cost of what Brent is doing. Not only to me but many others. What a complete waste of Brent council taxpayer's money. Thousands of pounds being wasted because they argue that information they supply in response to a Freedom of Information request is copyright and should not be published without their permission. Information which every person on the planet could request and information which Brent would be obliged to send them.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that if Brent published the information in the first place or at the very least published every response to every Freedom of Information request like many other councils do it would save them a vast amount of money on repeat requests by different people.

In my case Brent have not only wasted their own time they have also wasted the Information Commissioner's time and as such put both council and other taxpayers to unnecessary expense.

Now if that doesn't prove that Brent is not fit for the purpose when you find out what the information is that they have spent so much time,money and effort trying to stop being published on the What Do They Know website you will be even more disillusioned with the ability of Brent to spend council taxpayers money wisely.

All I asked for in my Freedom of Information request was two numbers. However, Brent argued they were copyright and they would not send them to the What Do They Know website because they would automatically be published. The two number Brent don't want to see published on the What Do They Know website are 0, 0. Yes that's right zero, zero.

Further highlighting the absurd and preposterous position that Brent FOI officers have taken at great cost to their council taxpayers.

When you are dealing with public authorities the old adage, you just couldn't  make this sort of stuff up, is the best description one could use.

My message to the Government, if you want to stop waste in local government start here!

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