Sunday, June 27, 2010

Faux Ombudsmen V Real Ombudsmen: Reason 4 Final Arbiter?

Public Sector Ombudsmen often make a big deal about being the final arbiter regarding complaints.

Taking the Local Government Ombudsman as an example, they state
  • 'Our decisions are final and cannot be appealed.' 
However, that is far from the whole truth. In reality the local authority not the Local Government Ombudsman is the final arbiter because they can and do ignore Local Government Ombudsman with impunity.

In addition many acts of maladministration are also illegal, so whilst the Local Government Ombudsman may have dealt with the none illegal aspects of a complaint, because they have no authority to determine legal rights, the complainant has recourse to the courts.
Public Service Ombudsmen: The final arbiters?
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