Sunday, June 27, 2010

Faux Ombudsmen V Real Ombudsmen: Reason 3 Fairness

Public Sector Ombudsmen often make a big deal about offering a fair service but is the system they operate really that fair?

Take the Local Government Ombudsman for example, they state 
  • 'We are committed to providing a fair service'.
  • 'When we find that a council has done something wrong, we may recommend how it should put it right. Although we cannot make councils do what we recommend'
Hang on a moment, how can they argue their service is fair when a local authority can ignore their recommendations with impunity?

Take Wilma Wright's case as an example, she submitted a complaint about Trafford Council, the Local Government Ombudsman found Trafford Council guilty of maladministration and recommended they pay Wilma Wright £100,000 for the injustice her daughter had suffered through Trafford Council's maladministration, Trafford Council ignored the Local Government Ombudsman's recommendations with impunity. How an earth is that fair?

If Local Government Ombudsmen were committed to providing a fair service surely they would have asked the government to remove this patently unfair one sided loophole long ago.

Local Government Ombudsman: 'We are committed to providing a fair service'. 
 Pull the other one!

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