Friday, June 25, 2010

Government considers ombudsman merger

The government is considering merging the Housing Ombudsman Service with the Local Government Ombudsman.

I have just checked out the latest Housing Ombudsman statistics and their website and find they are as misleading as the LGO's when it comes to interpreting statistics and telling the full story on their website. It would appear that they both use spin, mirrors and smoke to hide the truth about their real purpose and effectiveness. Which will at least make merging these Ombudsmen much easier, two deceitful peas in one pod.

They both need to stop pretending that they are real Ombudsmen at all, let alone effective? 

They are nothing but 'faux' or pretend Ombudsmen' (similar to plastic Police). Ones who do not embrace the values of a true Ombudsmen whilst overcoming this shortcoming by manipulating  statistics, publications and information, Thus making themselves appear to be as effective as a real Ombudsman to their website visitors, complainants and tenants.

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