Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What are all these Commissions good for?

It is well known that all Local Government Ombudsman offices (Collectively known as the Commission for Local Administration) are a waste of taxpayers money, fiddle their statistics and surveys to make themselves look more effective than they actually are, lie to government departments, the law commission, complainants, and others, bury complaints for local government and do nothing to improve standards in local government.

But are the other Commissions any better? For example, why haven't the Audit Commission or the Law Commission done anything about it?

Just as the LGO let local authorities get away with serious acts of maladministration it would appear, through their failure to act, that the Audit Commission, the Law Commission and other Commissions do exactly the same for the LGO.

So if the coalition want to save money I suggest that they close all these expensive, unproductive and self protecting Commissions.

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