Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Has another document fabricated by the LGO come to light?

A few years ago I submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Council for a copy of a letter they should have received from the Local Government Ombudsman.

I had already been sent a copy of the letter the LGO had purportedly sent to the council but wanted to prove if the council had in fact been sent a letter at all.

Now all the council had to say in response to my FOI request was that they didn't have the letter I requested. However, they didn't, they went out of their way to contact the LGO's office, who at the Council's request, fabricated another letter so the Council could give me the impression they had actually received the original. When I received the information and compared the two letters I was gob-smacked.

Not only was the content of the two letters different the original letter I received was printed on their old letter head and signed by Pat Thomas, the then LGO whilst the Council's copy sent in response to my FOI request was printed on the LGO's new letter head and signed by Anne Seex, an LGO who wasn't even in post when the letter was supposedly written and sent to them.

Naturally I complained but as usual with the Local Government Ombudsman's office they don't appear to see anything wrong with fabricating documents to help a Council....or themselves as this later evidence would suggest....whilst recently reading the LGO's responses to various FOI requests on the What Do They Know website I came across another document apparently fabricated by the LGO

This time an official CLAE document signed by Pat Thomas 5 years after she retired as LGO and Vice Chair of the Commission for Local Administration (CLAE). Is the signature genuine? If it is why is Pat Thomas signing CLAE documents 5 years after she retired and does she indeed have the authority to do so? Or are the CLAE just trying to clean up the audit trail regarding Redmond's trip to Australia because of an embarrassing FOI request?

Authoritarians have an extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of the man who can fabricate it (Hannah Arendt: Origins of Totalitarianism). And the LGO certainly have the power!

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