Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who's guarding the guards?

An interesting article by Martin Hannan published by the Edinburgh News starts by asking an interesting question, Who's guarding public's guards?

Although his article is about standards in public life and the standards commission in Scotland, the same question could be asked about the Commission for Local Administration in England, more commonly known as the Local Government Ombudsman.

Who ensures they are doing their job properly? The answer, surprisingly, is the same people who they are supposed to be protecting the public from, the public sector.

Can you imagine if the inmates of a prison were also in charge of ensuring that prison guards did their job properly. Would they really be interested in an effective and efficient system or would they ensure the system is run for their benefit and not that of the general public.

The Local Government Ombudsman is a con! Set up by the public sector to protect the public sector. Why else would all Ombudsmen and the majority of their staff be ex Local Authority or ex Government Department? Because the Public Sector is looking after itself, they don't want an effective Watchdog looking at their wrongdoings.

Public Sector protecting the Public Sector via puppets known as the Local Government Ombudsmen to give the public the impression that they have a Watchdog. Whilst in reality Local Government Ombudsmen are not Watchdogs at all they are more like neutered poodles kept in line (i.e. fed, watered, pulled into line and put down if they don't obey) by the Public Sector.

     York, Fluffy?          Coventry, Fifi?         London, Fido?

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