Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spending Challenge: An update on getting rid of the LGO

For some reason the Government Spending Challenge website has stopped people adding comments to spending challenge suggestions so I thought I would use a work around and advise others to do the same. Whilst you are no longer allowed to vote or comment on suggestions already made you can still submit one of your own. Therefore, I have submitted my own suggestion about the Local Government Ombudsman and suggest others now do the same. Click here to submit your suggestion

My suggestion is copied below but you can word your own suggestion in any way you want.

Scrap the discredited Local Government Ombudsman and replace them with an independent tribunal. The Government is wasting vast sums of money on a system of administrative justice that does not work. Spending taxpayers money on a system designed to bury local authority maladministration is expensive and counter productive, you need a system which improves local administration by exposing, not burying, local authority wrongdoings.

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