Monday, September 20, 2010

My Review of the Local Government Ombudsman

The Law Commission intend to carry out a review of all Public Service Ombudsmen including the Local Government Ombudsmen. As a result I thought I would review what I had learnt about the LGO over the last few years.

Over the last few years these are some of the things they have been caught out doing
  • lying to complainants
  • lying to government departments.
  • fabricating documents for themselves.
  • fabricating documents for councils.
  • fabricating minutes of meetings.
  • failing to keep records.
  • destroying records.
  • making up policy on the fly.
  • manipulating statistics.
  • breaking the law. 
  • misuse of FOI exemptions.
  • wrongly marking documents as confidential.
  • calling upon ex colleagues to sign fabricated documents.
  • manipulating evidence.
  • failing to keep adequate minutes.
I will adding to the list as I recall other things I have seen them do over the last few years.

Add the above, how they operate (the culture) to their seven principles of injustice, what they operate (the system), together with who they are, all ex council staff and you have a recipe for potentially the most corrupt system of administrative justice in the world.

The Coalition Government are on record as saying they want to give Local Government Ombudsmen real teeth. I would prefer them to force the Local Government Ombudsmen to offer real justice first, followed by real independence and only then some real teeth. For what is the point of giving those in charge of an ineffective, biased, incompetent and corrupt system of administrative justice the teeth to do even more damage?

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