Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The power of blogs

- On the 14th September 2010 I blogged about a number of roads on my estate still showing as unadopted in the council's official adopted road gazetteer. (Available on-line). This was contrary to what the LGO York Office had told me in the past.

- On the 14th the LGO visited my blog. (I think they are worried about the Law Commission review because they have been visiting my blog and the Ombudsman Watchers website regularly since the review was announced)

- Today, Wednesday the 15th the council amended their gazetteer to match the statements made by LGO staff some two years ago. Talk about you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours!

Whilst I am amused at their devious attempt at arse covering, what they fail to appreciate is that other evidence is still available that proves they lied to me in 2008 about the then status of the roads.

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