Friday, September 03, 2010

Public service ombudsmen set for shake up. Update 1

I have just read all the Law Commission documentation regarding their  consultation (refer to my earlier post for more details) on the reform of Public Service Ombudsmen only to find it's just like all the other pseudo consultations that many government departments and local authorities now conduct so they can tick the, we have consulted others about these proposals box, thus allowing them to say they have met the necessary rules prior to implementing their plans.

However, like all the other pseudo consultations carried out by public authorities and quangos it is obvious that they have already made up their mind and the so called consultation is nothing more than the usual public sector charade.

I will be submitting a response but don't hold out any hopes of influencing what I consider is a predetermined outcome. The last so called consultation and subsequent changes were only brought about to protect Public Service Ombudsmen not the citizen.

Example 1: Anyone remember the LGO's unlawful use of local settlements? A public sector pseudo consultation followed by a review and hey presto, rather than castigating the LGO for wrongly using local settlements without statutory authority, they just gave the LGO the statutory authority to carry on doing what they had been doing illegally for years. 

Example 2: Anyone remember the cock up the LGO (Coventry Office) made of the Balchins case? The one that led to a number of judicial reviews against the Parliamentary Ombudsman until she could persuade the LGO to jointly get themselves out of their self created difficulties? A public sector pseudo consultation followed by a review and hey presto, rather than castigating the LGO for failing to validate the word of a Council Chief Executive Officer (something they still fail to do today) they just gave the LGO and the PHSO the statutory authority to work together. Now they can simply bury their cock ups rather than having them exposed to public scrutiny.

It is also interesting to note that the Balchins would have had no chance under the latest proposed regime. They were essentially stuffed by two Public Service Ombudsmen and only saved by the court. Now they want to force everyone who would prefer to go to court for real justice, to use the discredited Public Service Ombudsmen.
So the Public Sector and their lap dog Quangos think that by reducing the rights of this country's citizens (including their chances of obtaining proper justice), whilst strengthening what is after all nothing more than a modern version of a court of star chamber, is the way forward, God help us all, for we are on the road to anarchy.

The Law Commission of all people should realise that just as the star chambers became a hated symbol of oppression by the citizen their new system of administrative justice is destined to follow suit.

In fact many citizens, including myself, already think the current system of administrate justice is already perverted, so making it worse, by forcing more citizens to use the discredited Local Government Ombudsman will only hasten their downfall and those who helped keep them in power, such as the Law Commission and possibly the Government.

I find it ironic that whilst preparations are under way to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta (2015), the signing of which confirmed citizen's rights under common law, the Law Commission and the Government of this country are currently trying to destroy one of the fundamental rights that the Magna Carta gave every citizen of this country. The right to a proper system of Justice.

Look at clause (40) of the Magna Carta: "To none will we sell, to none will we deny, to none will we delay right or justice." Well it looks like the Law Commission and this Government are hell bent on denying you your rights to justice whenever a public authority is involved. Please refer to my earlier post regarding the Local Government Ombudsmen and their 7 pillars of injustice and ask yourself is that the kind of justice the Magna Carta promised us and the kind of justice we deserve? 

And we all thought this new Government was going to improve the system of administrative justice by getting rid of all these unfair, unjust and discredited quangos, how wrong we were!

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