Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why do the staff at the York LGO office have to lie?

During and following the investigation into my second complaint 2002/8 the LGO stated that all the roads on the estate, save for a very small stretch in the vicinity of my property, were adopted.

However, the following is an extract from the Council's on-line road adoption gazetteer taken on the 13th September 2010. Which clearly shows that the opposite is still true. [A line drawn down the centre of the road on the plan marks their adopted roads.] Those without the coloured line down the middle are unadopted.  4 roads that, at a rough guess, add up to about a quarter of a mile of road and serve some 20 houses..

So the $64,000 question is, was the Ombudsman's report based on a false premiss? The answer is clearly yes, and it wasn't the only false premiss her report was based on and those false premisses still exist to this day.

So the only sensible response to my post title:  Why do the staff at the York LGO office have to lie? is, because it's the only way they can support their perverse and irrational findings.

This is an aerial photo taken in the late 90s about the time the LGO investigated my first complaint. 

Note the state of the roads when compared to the plan above. Both this photo and the adopted road plan above were obtained from the Council's own website and other than being cropped and resized for my blog have not been doctored in any way.

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