Sunday, December 12, 2010

Data Protection: LGO V ICO

Contrast the discredited LGO with the ICO when both faced with complaints about a serious breach of the Data Protection Act.

In the first case the LGO recommended the paltry sum of £300 (per complainant) as compensation for a Data Protection breach, however, because councils can, and often do as this case proves, ignore the recommendations of the Local Government Ombudsman the complainants had to take further court action against the council to secure the paltry remedy suggested by the LGO. The LGO can't fine a council and even if they could it is doubtful they would.

In the second case the ICO  fined Hertfordshire County Council £100,000 for just two breaches of the DPA.

Xmas quiz
  1. Which council will be reluctant to breach the Data Protection Act in the future, Basildon or Hertfordshire?  
  2. Which watchdog would you complain to under these circumstances?
  3. Which watchdog looks like they have no credibility? 
  4. Which watchdog should be scrapped to save taxpayers over £15million per year?
Answers: 1. Hertfordshire, 2.  The ICO, 3. The LGO, 4. The LGO

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