Monday, November 22, 2010

Integrity4Scotland: A new campaigning organisation

Integrity4Scotland (I4S) is a new organisation campaigning for a fit for purpose public services complaints system that delivers justice to the complainant. We have identified the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) as the critical element.

Read the full press release here.  Visit the new website here.

The LGO are normally biased in favour of a Council

In a recent newspaper article Graham Newman, a Suffolk County Council Councillor stated

It is natural in some cases that the ombudsman will seek to redress the balance and find in favour of the individual over a very large organisation like the county council."

If a Local Government Ombudsdman has to seek to redress the balance in some cases, as Graham Newton, Suffolk County Councillor suggests, then the LGO must, in all other cases, run an administrative justice system that is biased in favour of Councils.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The anomalies of the administrative justice system known as the LGO (Number 1)

Most people use the Local Government Ombudsman LGO) to pursue a complaint with a public authority in order to protect themselves from the significant costs and risks associated with taking legal action through the courts. 

However, what many fail to realise, when deciding to use the discredited Local Government Ombudsman, is that even after the Local Government Ombudsman's involvement, they may still end up being forced into legal action against a Council to secure the remedy for the injustice they have suffered through maladministration. With the only alternative being to abandon their fight for justice.

This anomaly comes about because a Local Government Ombudsman cannot enforce their recommendations. An anomaly which more and more Councils are now exploiting because they know this is normally the point at which most complainants give up their fight for justice because of the costs involved.

If a complainant can afford the cost and risks associated with court action, a recent case has proven that they may be able to secure compensation for the injustice you have suffered through Council maladministration.However, if they can afford legal action, why bother with the discredited Local Government Ombudsman in the first place?

Which brings me to the point of this post. The Local Government Ombudsman is merely a Government ploy to provide the illusion of justice to those who can't afford the real thing. This saves the Government a significant amount of money in the legal aid that would be necessary to provide a proper system of administrative justice for all.