Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do the LGO meet their Public Value Vision statement?

Their website states The Commission's Public Value Vision is:

"to provide a high quality and efficient service, accessible to all, that remedies injustice for indiviudals (sic) and maximises the value of investigations to make public services better."

Looking at these bold statements individually, there is no independent evidence to support their assertions that they
  • Provide a high quality service. (Their own surveys suggest 73% of users are dissatisfied. Despite the fact they fiddle the results by deviously excluding a large percentage of dissatisfied complaints.)
  • Provide an efficient service. (Their own stats suggests otherwise.)
  • Provide a service that is accessible to all. (See 2 below.)
  • Provide a service that remedies injustice for individuals. (See 1 below.)
  • Have made public services better. (Evidence suggests otherwise.)
    If you exclude the self generated spin, most of the evidence available in the public domain suggests that they don't provide any of the above. Which means, like many other products and services on offer today, it's all just marketing hype propaganda. Here are a couple of examples. Contradictory statements from their own website.

    (1) They can't provide a service which remedies injustice for individuals for the simple reason that they are legally restricted to recommendations only. Recommendations which can be ignored and indeed often are. "When we find that a council has done something wrong, we may recommend how it should put it right. Although we cannot make councils do what we recommend, ....."

    (2) Their service is not accessible to all because they can arbitrarily refuse access to their service to anyone they choose."We do not have to investigate every complaint received, even if we have the power to do so." 
    Footnote:LGO pillar of injustice number 11, they are free to engage in propaganda (or as Justice Lightman calls it an evangelical agenda). Something a real system of justice, such as a court or tribunal, can't do.

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