Thursday, March 31, 2011

Extracts from more messages about the LGO received recently

"I went to the L.G.O and they accepted my complaint but many weeks later the investigator said that it wasn't in their jurisdiction."

"I am not the slightest interested in the LGO looking at my complaint again. They have no idea how to investigate and quite honestly I don't value their opinion. In my eyes they are nothing, nobodies who twist logic and I would never recommend anyone approach them, pointless exercise. "

"I think he [LGO investigator] just wanted to put me off suing the Council."

"I got nothing off the ombudsman."

"I can see their methods/modus operandi. Give you loads of sympathy, build you up and drop you like a piece of dirt."

"I was pleased that I read your web pages before I contacted the LGO, the shock of their actions was easier to accept."

"the whole system stinks of the gentleman's club.

"I am hearing lots of complaints locally about the LGO."

"The LGO [actual name of LGO given] is a worthless excuse for justice and a total waste of space."

"I have experienced the corrupt local government ombudsman and his toady investigator."

"I am still reeling in shock at the bare-faced audacity of this organisation."

"The local government ombudsman has as much integrity as a racetrack shyster manipulating three egg cups and ball."

"The idiom about "moving goalposts" springs to mind. We have very serious misgivings."

"They [LGO] recommended utterly derisory compensation."

"I am still going through exactly the same thing that caused me to complain in the first place."

"The lgo agreed with us but did not believe the case was worth pursuing. The ombudsman's investigations was cursory and inaccurate and totally prejudiced against us and for the council."

"No wonder the local council urged us to complain to the LGO."

"The LGO report was characterised by the fact that the bulk complaints were completely ignored."

"LGO knighted for his disservices to the public, doesn't it stink.

"Had we known that the lgo was so ineffective, biased and incompetent we would not have bothered."  

"Everything I said to the ombudsman required proof but everything the council said to them was taken on face value."

Friday, March 18, 2011

Calls for review of LGO recycling decision

ANGRY Witley residents have called for a review of a local government ombudsman’s handling of a serious complaint concerning Surrey County Council.

They have also protested to their local MP culture secretary Jeremy Hunt that the decision demonstrates a ‘lack of fairness and openness’. If they fail to get a review, they have pledged to take their complaint to the European Parliament.

Members of Witley and Milford Environment Action Group(WAMEAG) asserted county planners had knowingly approved a fraudulent planning application and took their complaint to the local government ombudsman. In his decision the local government ombudsman found that the council was at fault but did not feel there were sufficient grounds to pursue the complaint.

My Comment: The LGO often find fault [1 below] but do nothing about it. That's why councils never learn from the maladministration they commit. Whilst Local Government Ombudsmen are willing to bury their wrongdoings just what have they got to fear. 

Read the full story from the source getSurrey

[1] The LGO often call maladministration by other names because they don't like using the word maladministration. Hence the words above 'the council was at fault'. There is simply no difference between maladministration and the council was at fault, so why are the LGO so frightened of using the word maladministration? Answer because they don't like finding their friends and ex collogues in councils guilty of maladministration so play silly semantic games in an attempt to water down any problems for them.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Typical of the emails I receive about the LGO

This recent email was about the York LGO Office.

Hi Trevor,

Prior to contacting the LGO I read a lot of your articles etc and thought that you must be biased or wrong somehow and that it was not possible that all that was wrote about the LGO was correct.

I am now in a position to be able to confirm that they are an awful bunch. I am so shocked about how the LGO operate, I am in total disbelief. I thought my complaint was bad, but it seems to be common place.

I feel more violated by the LGO than the rotten beggars that I complained to them about. In your experience are my feelings normal? I probably need to let go of this and just accept that I live in a truly rotten Country and that integrity and morals are lost forever, if there ever was any.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Council ‘transparency’

A residents’ association has lodged a formal complaint with the Local Government Ombudsman over a “lack of transparency” in planning for hundreds of new homes.

The Priest Avenue Residents’ Association (PARA) says Wokingham Borough Council has ignored its fears relating to plans for 2,500 homes at land off London Road.

PARA says it would initiate a legal challenge, as a group of parish councils in the borough has done, however cannot afford to fund the costs.

Instead the group has contacted the Local Government Ombudsman to say it is unhappy with the council’s lack of transparency in the way it has adopted its housing plans.

My comment: Huge mistake because this is typically how most complaints against councils are forced down a side road, delayed and then quietly strangled by the LGO. People can't afford proper justice so they are forced to use the discredited Local Government Ombudsman. Not only are the LGO ex council so are most of their staff and will do everything in their power to derail a complaint against their friends and ex collegues. In addition if you think your council lacks transparency wait until you have had dealings with the LGO.

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