Friday, March 18, 2011

Calls for review of LGO recycling decision

ANGRY Witley residents have called for a review of a local government ombudsman’s handling of a serious complaint concerning Surrey County Council.

They have also protested to their local MP culture secretary Jeremy Hunt that the decision demonstrates a ‘lack of fairness and openness’. If they fail to get a review, they have pledged to take their complaint to the European Parliament.

Members of Witley and Milford Environment Action Group(WAMEAG) asserted county planners had knowingly approved a fraudulent planning application and took their complaint to the local government ombudsman. In his decision the local government ombudsman found that the council was at fault but did not feel there were sufficient grounds to pursue the complaint.

My Comment: The LGO often find fault [1 below] but do nothing about it. That's why councils never learn from the maladministration they commit. Whilst Local Government Ombudsmen are willing to bury their wrongdoings just what have they got to fear. 

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[1] The LGO often call maladministration by other names because they don't like using the word maladministration. Hence the words above 'the council was at fault'. There is simply no difference between maladministration and the council was at fault, so why are the LGO so frightened of using the word maladministration? Answer because they don't like finding their friends and ex collogues in councils guilty of maladministration so play silly semantic games in an attempt to water down any problems for them.

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