Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Council ‘transparency’

A residents’ association has lodged a formal complaint with the Local Government Ombudsman over a “lack of transparency” in planning for hundreds of new homes.

The Priest Avenue Residents’ Association (PARA) says Wokingham Borough Council has ignored its fears relating to plans for 2,500 homes at land off London Road.

PARA says it would initiate a legal challenge, as a group of parish councils in the borough has done, however cannot afford to fund the costs.

Instead the group has contacted the Local Government Ombudsman to say it is unhappy with the council’s lack of transparency in the way it has adopted its housing plans.

My comment: Huge mistake because this is typically how most complaints against councils are forced down a side road, delayed and then quietly strangled by the LGO. People can't afford proper justice so they are forced to use the discredited Local Government Ombudsman. Not only are the LGO ex council so are most of their staff and will do everything in their power to derail a complaint against their friends and ex collegues. In addition if you think your council lacks transparency wait until you have had dealings with the LGO.

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