Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Typical of the emails I receive about the LGO

This recent email was about the York LGO Office.

Hi Trevor,

Prior to contacting the LGO I read a lot of your articles etc and thought that you must be biased or wrong somehow and that it was not possible that all that was wrote about the LGO was correct.

I am now in a position to be able to confirm that they are an awful bunch. I am so shocked about how the LGO operate, I am in total disbelief. I thought my complaint was bad, but it seems to be common place.

I feel more violated by the LGO than the rotten beggars that I complained to them about. In your experience are my feelings normal? I probably need to let go of this and just accept that I live in a truly rotten Country and that integrity and morals are lost forever, if there ever was any.


  1. The lgo had the cheek to offer me £250 for the way they handled my complaint(length of time.) they also wanted the council to give me £1000 and £250 for the way the corrupt council handled my complaint. Its pathetic. The council write a lot of rubbish about how procedures have changed and It wont happen again but the thing is the lgo said it had to be about my case. the council said how nationally procedures have changed,so the lgo have ignored their own investigators recommendations cos nobody bothers to check. Council writes twaddle and it satisfies LGO as they are really not interested in things changing,just covering for councils

  2. They are a shower of idiots. They are set up to go as softly as they can with councils.If you do get anywhere you are offered £1000 final settlement and a promise that procedures will be looked at at the council. Which no-one actually follows up and checks on the council to see if things have changed. Of course the vacant LGO will readily accept councils promise that things have changed and their wont be a recurrence of the issue that arose in my complaint.It still will happen and it
    The lgo paid me £250 for the length of time it took to do my complaint. we dont want money. We want council accountability and the council be scared of lgo -not fobbing the lgo off.It must cost a fortune to run the LGO. I actually know someone who worked at York LGO and she said it was terrible there