Thursday, May 26, 2011

Twenty three complaints

Ms Mildmay, from the Sheringham Campaign Against Major Retail Overdevelopment, questioned the effectiveness of the Local Government Ombudsman and said: “The report is complete rubbish, mildly predictable and not correct. The whole thing was very dubious and highly questionable.”

My comment: Join the club. 

Whilst councils are allowed to gain an indirect benefit from a development (Planning gain section 106 agreements, more accurately described as a means through which a council can legalise a bung) there will always be questions over all developments. 

Did a council really want the development or were they more interested in securing the contents of the section 106 agreement? Unfortunately section 106 agreements allow the richer developers, the ones that can offer the biggest section 106 contribution, to get planning permission where others often fail.

Read the full story from the source Norwich Evening News

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