Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another not fit for purpose toothless watchdog?

Most people are already aware that the Local Government Ombudsman is a not fit for purpose toothless watchdog whose sole purpose appears to be to give false hope to complainants. Just long enough for other remedies to be no longer available to the complainant and then they bury the complaint as quick as they can. Unless of course it's a high profile one that can be used for propaganda purposes as part of their evangelical agenda.

Well it looks they are not alone...The Legal Service Ombudsman appears to be another not fit for purpose toothless watchdog.

Read more on the link particularly the comments.

My favourites

1) How happy are the 3768 people with the service?

My answer: Like the LGO I doubt they will ever allow an independent organisation to ask them all. More than likely they will pre-select a few and then ask the right questions to get the answers they want.  

2) £21.4M / 3,768 complaints investigated = £5,679 per complaint (or a bargain basement £2,202 against operating costs only). The report says they have 263 employees. That's an average of 14 complaints dealt with by each of them. You couldn't make it up, could you? Did Sampson keep a straight face when he said "the organisation had had a cost-effective and efficient start, and was proving to be an effective model", as he trousered a very "cost-effective" £161K for a job worth about half that?

My answer: The LGO also keep a straight face when they talk about how cost effective and efficient they are whilst trousering vast sums of taxpayers money.

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