Thursday, September 13, 2012

LGO praise for Wirral Council? What a joke!

WATCHDOGS [The Local Government Ombudsman] have given Wirral Council top marks in their annual review.
Figures published by the Local Government Ombudsman show Wirral is the fastest Merseyside council in responding to complaints.
In her annual letter to the council, Ombudsman Anne Seex said: “I am pleased to say that I have no concerns about your authority’s response times and there are no issues arising from the complaints that I want to bring to your attention.”
The Ombudsman found no evidence of maladministration or injustice during an entire three-year period, from 2009 to date. [My emphasis]
Read the full story from the source Wirral Globe 
My comment: Yet an independent investigator over a similar period found the council was in the grip of a “corrosive” and “inward-looking culture where the needs and rights of residents had become submerged under its bureaucratic machinations. [my emphasis] Read the full story here.

Also read the three posts below [click on links] and decide for yourself if the Local Government Ombudsman is or isn't fit for purpose. If you reach the conclusion that they are indeed unfit for purpose you won't be alone because a recent select committee investigating the work of the Local Government Ombudsman also found them unfit for purpose. Read the full story here.

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  1. Hi, I completely agree with everything you have said about Wirral Council and the LGO. I too have been left to live with the consequences of their so called 'professional' decisions, which they had based on the lies told to them by their colleague. For almost three years I fought them in the family courts, without any legal representation as I was not entitled to legal aid. In the end they got what they wanted and I had to walk away from my 3 year old neice who was then adopted and taken to live in Australia. We asked the Judge to give her opinion of the way we had been treated, (once proceedings had finalised). The Judge agreed the LA had acted unprofessionally, with an unbelievable lack of sensitivity etc. The Judge put her opinion in a document which she titled, Findings of Fact. This document was the reason why the council and LGO refused to deal with our formal complaint, they said the document meant the issues had been dealt with and they were not allowed to look into anything we had complained about. If anyone knows of any other organisations I could take my complaint to, I would be extremely grateful if you could please let me know. My email address is Thank you.