Sunday, November 25, 2012

So has the Local Government Ombudsman improved?

It's nearly four months since the Local Government Ombudsman was panned by a government select committee. During that time I have been patiently waiting for signs of improvement.

Unfortunately, if the emails I regularly receive from complainants are anything to go by, the Local Government Ombudsmen are even worse than they were before they were panned.

When you take into account how bad they had become that couldn't have been an easy thing for them to achieve.

Instead of concentrating on improving the system of administrative justice for the benefit of complainants they appear to have concentrated their efforts on producing positive publicity (propaganda and spin) for the benefit of themselves, the authorities they are expected to investigate whilst paying lip service to the select committee's damning report.

They still appear to be using the same devious tactics that resulted in the select committee investigation in the first place. No doubt hoping that this would work on the select committee as it had done with others who had criticised them in the past.

The bottom line is the Local Government Ombudsman still doesn't get it and until they do I doubt we will see any improvement. Hopefully the select committee will see through their attempts at spin and manipulation, ask complainants directly what they really think of the service provided by the Local Government Ombudsman and then replace them with a fit for purpose system of administrative justice without any further delay.