Friday, May 03, 2013

Local Government Ombudsman Watchers Blog Frozen

Special Notice 

The unfit for purpose Local Government Ombudsman (@LGOombudsman) is now using the hash-tag #LGOlive on Twitter to advance their spin-doctoring PR "Advisory Forum".

Individual complainants now have the means to tell the Local Government Ombudsman publicly and directly what they really think about the 'service' they have received.

Please note: This blog will no longer updated. However, it (670 posts) will be left on line for reference purposes. Thanks to all those who have taken an interest in my blog posts over the years.

I would advise anyone dissatisfied with the Local Government Ombudsman to now contact the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) select committee who have twice (2005 and 2012) had the opportunity to improve the system of administrative justice in England and have demonstrably failed on both occasions.

It appears to me that they prefer to tinker with, rather than significantly improve, the current discredited system so they can continue to mask the true level of local authority wrongdoing.

I believe this is because the DCLG are also responsible for local government and the last think they would want is for the true level of local authority wrongdoing becoming public knowledge.

Footnote: Make sure any correspondence is addressed to the appropriate select committee and not the DCLG in general. The DCLG have a habit of ignoring any evidence against the Local Government Ombudsman for the reason stated above.